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Dear Kathleen,

As I mentioned in our telephone conversation recently, my children and I really enjoy the culinary taste kit.My soon to be twelve year old son loves watching me guess the incorrect flavor! He has now mastered at least half of the box by taste and has made it a personal challenge to know more flavors than his ten year old sister.I've no doubt that this kit will be valued by inspiring chefs or all ages as it is both fun and educational.

Best Wishes,
Lori Bedrosian

"Using these high quality kits in our kitchen-classrooms allows our students to quickly learn and recognize the basic tastes and aromas used in the kitchen and is a perfect fit for our immersion style of 'learning-by-doing'.  These kits are fundamental to building taste memory and essential when creating a dish."

Mark Molinaro, Corporate Chef
New England Culinary Institute


"I love the basic kits and use the in my kitchen-classroom ALL the time for the past 2 years, and my students love them. Thank you for your time."

Chef Nathan Greven, C.F.M.S.
Culinary Arts Instructor
SkillsUSA Advisor
Technical Education Center

Carrolton, GA

I am writing in support of The Educated Palate's Culinary Flavors sensory training kit. The Community College of RI has developed a new, innovative Culinary Arts Certificate program, and we are constantly searching for teaching aides that enhance the learning experience for our students. The Culinary Flavors kit appears to have that potential. Our Chef Instructor feels very strongly that the scent-taste-name connection of herbs and spices is an important part of the creation of delicious tastes. After one experience with the kits, students seemed to have a "...heightened awareness of the importance of the olfactory senses in cooking and the part they play in the full culinary experience." said Ken Collins, Chef Instructor at CCRI.

We feel this teaching tool can benefit our students, and we will suggest that it be incorporated into our curriculum. Our goal is for every CCRI Culinary student to have his/her own kit so that they can continue to hone the skills of taste and smell recognition...skills that will give them an edge in the industry and lead to enhanced employment opportunities.

Emilio A. Colantonio
Community Education
Divinsion for Life Learning
Community College of Rhode Island 

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